The Regency Brides books

So far there are six historical romance books planned for the Regency Brides series each exploring the friendships, challenges and journey towards love and happiness by different members of two families – the Farringtons and the Longhursts.

Book one – The Untouchable Bride

James Longhurst almost destroys his adopted family, the Farringtons, in The Untouchable Bride, when he has to choose between friendship or surrendering to the woman who he may never be worthy enough to love.

Book two – The Pity Bride

One mistake at a card table leads Matthew Farrington, in The Pity Bride, to crash into love, yet his secret marriage displeases the ton and the newlyweds need the strength of their family to prove exactly who holds the power in society.

Book three – The Forbidden Bride

Hiding in Italy, artist Alexander Farrington, in The Forbidden Bride, discovers tragedy has struck in London, but when secrets as concealed love are revealed, the whole family can finally being to heal from the heartache.

Book four – The Challenging Bride

Nicolas Longhurst’s inability to understand what he truly desires, in The Challenging Bride, means his family is punished by his decision to marry a woman who loves the title and power she gains, almost as much as her husband.

Book five – The Perfect Bride

Tilly Farrington is the toast of the ton, in The Perfect Bride, yet the man she loves disregards her lifestyle and family and the tragic consequences of his selfishness means their life together is nearly ruined forever.

Book six – The Substitute Bride

Molly Farrington was still a child when she watched her likeness marry someone else, but her continuing uncensored devotion, in The Substitute Bride, means she risks everything for a man who might never return her love.