Regency historical romance books by author April Shelley

Regency Brides book one - The Untouchable Bride 

The Untouchable Bride is the first book in the Regency Brides series.  

April Shelley is currently completing The Untouchable Bride but a preview of chapter one is now available. 


The Untouchable Bride - Chapter one 

London, 24 April 1800 

James Longhurst swirled the brandy in his glass. He'd been in White's for nearly three hours and was still to taste the liquid. All evening acquaintances when they entered the gentlemen's club, made their way over, hovering around, trying to engage him although eventually, when he'd been rude enough, people decided to leave the Duke alone; and Longhurst was glad, because he was in a fine gloom. Ravensdean always said he could manifest the perfect mood and who should know better than his lifelong friend. 

Someone bellowed laughter and James looked up at a group of gentlemen sitting a few chairs away. At different intervals, one or two of them had vanished, presumably to make an appearance at the ball. On their return, they had jested about the latest incomparable but, unfortunately, James could tell some of them genuinely meant their praise........ 



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The Untouchable Bride by April Shelley preview chapter one